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Is Poor Posture Causing Your Back Pain?

“Sit up straight at the dinner table!” You’re not alone if you heard this admonishment often as a child for slouching during a meal. Were you annoyed at first? Sure. But they were right — and for more reasons than just dinner decorum. 

So many back pain sufferers blame an injury for their back pain. Or they blame Father Time and, seeing no better option, misguidedly enter the addicting world of pain meds. 

How many would see relief with better posture? It’s hard to tell. By the time most of the 35 million chiropractic patients treated annually begin seeking medical help for back pain, poor posture is often a decades-old bad habit and one of many variables causing chronic discomfort. 

But Why is Bad Posture So Bad?

What harm could a little slouch cause? After all, it’s comfortable to lean back in your office chair while typing up those quarterly reports, right? How could something so comfortable cause so much damage?

Poor posture causes stress to build in muscle tissues surrounding your spinal column, as well as the vertebrae and discs themselves. Stress over time causes structural weakness. Weakness causes worse posture and greater pain. Poor posture habits place undue stress on discs throughout the vertebrae and can even cause herniation. Misalignment in general impacts the entire nervous system and constricts blood flow.

Hunching forward while seated diminishes your spine’s natural support system. Over time, your spine will bend forward, which, unfortunately, becomes its natural position. 

Do you like to read or work on a laptop while lying on your stomach? This can cause your upper back, neck, lower back and hips to develop a reverse tilt.

Even when standing, it’s easy for bad posture to slip into routine activities. Prolonged hunching while washing dishes, vacuuming or mowing the lawn also can cause severe back problems.

Straighten Up! Poor Posture Can Be Corrected to Ease Your Back Pain

Sitting and standing up straight consistently should shift your back to its natural, supportive state. But it’s not just about feeling upright. 

  • Stand tall
  • Sit tall (and use a chair with a strong, supportive back)
  • Shoulders back
  • Chin up
  • Eyes ahead
  • Try to stand up and walk around at least once per hour

It may feel uncomfortable at first. You’ll often need to remind yourself to resume the proper position. 

That’s if too much damage hasn’t already been done. Your spinal column may be essentially locked into place, and surrounding muscle tissue may have stiffened and atrophied — or worse, which may require physical therapy or costly and painful surgery.

A great chiropractor in Parrish, FL will realign your spine and help you to develop a proactive regimen to strengthen your posture for good. Your body and wallet will thank you later.  Schedule an appointment at our new location or call us at (941) 933-1500.