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4 Chronic Back Pain Stretches After a Car Accident

You remember the car crash like it was yesterday. It all happened so quickly and everything after seems like a blur. And now, months or even years after the physical and emotional wounds have mostly healed, you still experience back or neck pain. Maybe both. You’re not alone. Every year, more than 2.5 million Americans […]

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Is Poor Posture Causing Your Back Pain?

“Sit up straight at the dinner table!” You’re not alone if you heard this admonishment often as a child for slouching during a meal. Were you annoyed at first? Sure. But they were right — and for more reasons than just dinner decorum.  So many back pain sufferers blame an injury for their back pain. […]

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How Can a Chiropractor Help My Back Pain?

Back pain can be debilitating. It’ll keep you in bed for days, limit your social life and sap your strength at work.  A chiropractor can help your back pain as a primary intervention or as part of a holistic treatment regimen.  5 Ways Chiropractors Relieve Back Pain 1. Spinal Manipulation Your spine is a wonderful […]

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6 Ways to Relieve Joint Inflammation

Joint inflammation and pain go hand-in-hand. Like any medical condition, their causes and cures may be varied and complex. Perhaps you’re nursing a sore tennis elbow, that hip is always flaring up, or you’re walking a painful path toward knee replacement. Ways to relieve joint inflammation can involve non-strenuous exercises and stretching, medication and topical […]

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Can a Chiropractor Relieve Migraines?

The short answer is yes, chiropractic care may relieve migraines. (I know it’s tough to find online material that takes a definitive stance on this.) If you’re reading this, you or a loved one likely knows the pain all too well. You’ve left work in mind-numbing pain. Your wife spends many days in bed, unable […]

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