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August 15, 2020
Joint inflammation and pain go hand-in-hand. Like any medical condition, their causes and cures may be varied and complex. Perhaps you’re nursing a sore tennis elbow, that hip is always flaring up, or you’re walking a painful path toward knee replacement. Ways to relieve joint inflammation can involve non-strenuous exercises and stretching, medication and topical...
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The short answer is yes, chiropractic care may relieve migraines. (I know it’s tough to find online material that takes a definitive stance on this.) If you’re reading this, you or a loved one likely knows the pain all too well. You’ve left work in mind-numbing pain. Your wife spends many days in bed, unable...
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Back pain is often misattributed to injuries or medical conditions. Do you have a pinched nerve? Is that old high school football injury back to torment you once more? Possibly. But more likely, your back pain comes from poor range of motion and general stiffness. So before blaming that poor tee shot on an injury...
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